As a brand, ADE is almost unbeaten for the sheer quality of its scales and machinery for foodstuff processing and preparation. We take a systematic approach to ensuring superior useful life, practical utility, hygiene and precision for all of our ADE equipment. To give you real peace of mind: ADE we offer you proven and continuously improved solutions that bring real added value to your business. We should also point out that all of our individually customizable scales are manufactured exclusively in our own factory in Germany. This fact means we are also able to supply you with a personalised, tailor-made scales quotation for any of your business applications.
Here we present you with a representative selection from our scales and machinery product ranges. If you don't find the unit you're looking for, just talk to us: we have the solution you need.


Our electronic and mechanical scales do not merely guarantee you receive reliable and precise results. Every check weigher, each set of retail scales, floor scales or portion scales also gives you top quality and a long useful life. Link to Food Scales page.
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Introductory test for the area "Machinery" in the business segment "Food".
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Introductory test for the area "Machinery" in the business segment "Food".
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